Discordant Diversions, as the name suggests there will be no underlying theme about this blog. Probably the only constant feature about the blog would be that every post will be posted by me. I started this blog with a motive to write on a diverse array of topics thereby increasing my knowledge in them and also I like to divulge my thoughts and opinions and have them scrutinized. So this is what you can expect from this blog, random write-ups with themes hopefully as varied as it can get. All in all a motley muster of my often diverging thoughts. I know its very difficult to create a niche for yourself with a general blog like this and is not easily marketable but what’s wrong with the variance?.

So if you have some time on hand do diverge into one of my favorite posts listed here and I’d be very happy if you let me know what you think about them.

And I don’t what to hog all your time so do check out some interesting websites and blogs listed under the Links tab.


  1. Very Impressive!
    Never knew this side of you Mr.Twitter Buddy!

    Any idea on how I can add an about me tag to my tumblr page?


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