Being Thankful on Thanksgiving

Taking a moment to be grateful at this beautiful time of the year

For many the end of fall seems more and more synonymous to the end of the world. Dry leaves strewn all around. Streets bereft of colored trees and colorful people. All that is left are jaded looking streets, and people alike. But as this beautiful poem puts it:

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep”

– John Keats

– Thankful for the wonderful summer and fall!

Embellished with baubles and trinkets; and lights and stars, there was something about driving through the glittering streets of Chi-town during the Thanksgiving week.  The magnificent mile lights festival kicks off the Christmas season in Chicago and scores of appreciative people throng to the streets of Chicago with their loved ones to enjoy the start of the festivities.

– Thankful for the camaraderie, love on display and the wonderful city!

Staring at the mesmerizing skyline and the convivial atmosphere, I knew I was witnessing something entrancing. If being born thousands of miles away and being able to walk in these streets was surreal, being able to walk around Chicago city in a perfect weather was something I would have never wished for at this time of the year.

– Thankful for such unwished blessings!

Being able to hover high up above the world is something made possible by the scientific progress made by man. But, being able to leave all our sorrows and pains below in the smoke and dust. Being able to sit with old friends, talking aimlessly and sharing a drink and a joke, is something which happens by grace. Being oblivious to what has been conspiring in our lives and just enjoying the joy of companionship from a vantage point above is something priceless.

– Thankful for all the friends!

We are what we experience. The various experiences I have had over the years have been amazing.  As we keep getting older, although we fail to recognize it, we strike off many things off our to-do lists. I have struck off a number of them too.  So, as we keep striking things off our to-do lists and learn so many things, we keep evolving as a person. So, what we are is what we experience.

– Thankful for all the wonderful experiences!

A lot of times we take many things for granted. Being blessed with a life is one of them. Looks like I had to be reminded that I have to be Thankful for this fact. So this year it was God’s plan to remind me that 25 years of my life wouldn’t have gone by without any divine interventions. So a quarter century of years gone past! , zillions of memories! , and an opportunity to celebrate the day with a lot of my loved ones!

– Thankful for being alive and loved!

And then when you are sent tumbling down the memory lane, you are bound to see some vivid images of some long forgotten friends. Out of touch ‘cause of misunderstanding, some forgotten due to the daily grind of life.  So pick up that phone and let them hear it.

– Thankful for the memory of memories!

Now being a foodie that I am……

– Thankful for all the food!

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!


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