Farmers market A.K.A Rythu Bazaar

Where the food is organic without a tag !

Enjoying one my most important weekly chores. No prizes for guessing: Buying food from walmart!!! I noticed an interesting differentiation of food: Organic and Inorganic.

Obviously, organic foods since are grown naturally without artificial fertilizers cost a lot lesser than inorganic foods where the manufacturers take all the pains to grow by using fertilizers and hybrid varieties ??????? I must be crazy isn’t it ?

Organic foods are usually higher priced than inorganic although we know which grows naturally. Anyway so I noticed this and I was filled with a sense of satisfaction that back in India we get everything fresh and organic and for cheap.

But a quick check on the google trends shows that people in India are actually looking out for organic.

Organizations like APEDA, actually have a 238 page pdf document telling people how to produce organic food. Looking at all this I fear the day when our bandi wallahs come into our gali’s with logos on their produce saying which is organic and which isn’t.

I had a chance to capture few photos of the rythu bazaar on my recent trip to India. So sit back and enjoy because these could be rare sights in metropolitan cities in the future. Especially, if concepts like rythu bazaar do not hold up to the pressures of the capitalists.


These scores of people I am sure are not worried about any tags !

Another important question to all my friends who are outside India, when was the last time you bought something which had no tag ?


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